About the Stone

Along the path of life, there is a magic stepping stone. Most people do not even notice it until they reach that point in their life’s journey where they feel lost, confused and overwhelmed. Incredibly, the stone is always at the precise place it is needed regardless of where the person stops along their journey.

The people stop because they are at a point in their life where they feel they cannot move forward. The journey seems too difficult or the climb seems too steep to make. So they sit down and rest, feeling stuck and unable to move…that’s when they notice the stone.

The stone is not anything spectacular. That is why it so oftentimes goes unnoticed. But when the difficult moments in life come that force each of us to pause, to think, to cry, to hurt, to grieve, to wonder, to ask “why”…that’s when the stone’s magic comes alive.

Each person has different needs from the stone or different questions that need to be answered. Some need courage to move along the same path they are traveling and some to realize that a new path is what is needed. Others learn that the path itself is not as important as realizing that their doubts and fears about themselves are unjustified. Some just need the time to rest and to know that the stone is “there.” That is the magic of the stone; it always seems to know how to provide exactly what is necessary for each individual’s challenge.

People spend different amounts of time with the stone. Some stay for a while before they have gained the strength they need while others only remain for a brief period. Some walk away from the stone only to return again and again until they are finally able to move forward. No matter what the process for each individual, the stone is patient, supportive and kind…just giving without asking anything in return.

Each person’s response to the stone’s magic is also unique. Some are extremely grateful and some are unaware of its effect on them. There are those who have just used the stone without any recognition of the gifts the stone has given them. Still others do not realize the value the stone had for their life until long after they have walked away from it. Nevertheless, the stone provides its magic…its love and support…unconditionally, and without judgment, to each and every person who stops.