Services Offered

Here are some of the areas we can explore together either individually or in a group.

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Personal Foundation Work

  • Internal Assessment
  • Life Path Assessments
  • Energy & Life Messages
  • Life Purpose Discovery
  • Relationships
  • Divorce Recovery

Personal Life Direction

  • Life Goals & General Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Spiritual Growth & Development
  • Life Creation & Manifestation

Individual Organizational Skills

  • Time Management
  • Email, Calendar and Website Proficiency
  • Mailing List and Group Communication
  • Document Sharing

Individual Financial Managment

  • Personal Budgeting
  • Managing Cash Flow
  • Debt Reduction
  • Negotiation Skills

Group Development

  • Organizational Structure
  • Change Management
  • Professional Interactions
  • Group Dynamics

Marriage Officiant

  • Marriage Preparation
  • Wedding Ceremony

If we haven’t listed a particular need of yours, get in touch and we’ll figure out how to help you!