Client Comments

“I met Mike roughly a year ago after separating from my wife and heading for divorce.  I was physically ill, my body was awash in pains from my back to my legs and feet.  My mind was in anguish after discovering infidelity, and my self worth was devastated.  I was terrified of the future and felt very internally broken.  He helped me face reality; the reality that I am a powerful human being.  Today my health is better than it has been in a decade.  I have found inner peace not by forgetting or pushing life away, but by learning to forgive myself and welcoming personal growth and new challenges.”

—Chad D.

“I was constantly feeling stressed, tired and sick.  I seemed to over analyze and question everything.  I mainly felt lost.  After just the first meeting with Mike I felt relieved.  We were able to discuss some of my feelings and by the third session, we were resolving issues that led to the stress.  He helped me to realize when I was letting old habits creep up and taught me how to not just suppress these thoughts and emotions but how to address them.  Being able to better understand my place in this world and how we are all interconnected has helped me to reduce stress, regain my energy and enjoy my life.  I went from concentrating on the past and worrying about the future to taking advantage of the present and enjoying the many blessings in my life.  I highly recommend meeting with Mike today to help you take back your life as well!

—Crystal M.

“Mike helped walk me through some really confusing relationship stuff. I had been in a bad, maybe even abusive relationship for over a year and wasn’t able to see my situation clearly. Mike was gentle but persistent in helping me see things as they were, gave me clear and actionable advice on how to deal with the situation on my own terms, and move myself back into a more healthy space. He was available for me when I needed him to be, understanding, and a great guide through some pretty rough personal stuff, and I’m super grateful for his guidance.”

—Adam T.

“Follow your bliss, listen, and don’t have so many inflexible expectations.  If all I have learned, is to live my life with no expectations and to be in the moment with my mind wide open to life’s possibilities then my life will be full and incredible…this I know Mike has given me.”

—Holly P.

“I was introduced to Mike just as my marriage was coming to an end. Although I have never met him face to face, he was the most powerful resource I had during the most difficult time in my life.  Not only did he give me focused direction in how to deal with my crisis but he helped me set my life in order after the marriage came to an end.  I will never forget the support he gave me when I needed it most and am forever grateful.  I highly recommend Mike and his services and look forward to having him as a friend for a long time.”

—Chris C.