Life Coaching Areas Explained

Foundation work is the basis for development and growth.  So often we attempt to make changes or try something new in our lives without understanding where we really are right now.  If we don’t understand our foundation its really impossible to understand what to build or how to build it.  Foundation work consists of five main areas:

  1. Internal Assessment – In this area, we investigate the things that are in our awareness right now.  Where does our mind stay focused?  What distracts us from here and now?  We will also explore the “shadow” areas of our lives and things that we will need to see clearly before we can proceed.
  2. Life Path Assessments – Here we use a series of analysis based upon proven numerology techniques developed by Pythagoras (yes, the guy from Geometry class) along with other Astrological information to develop and better understanding of the “life path” being traveled by the individual.
  3. Energy & Life Messages – This pertains to evaluation of the physical world around us and the conditions of our bodies.  Everything happening around us and within us provides information we need on our journey; the key is knowing how to listen.
  4. Life Purpose Discovery – Each of us has a unique purpose or “calling” as some would say which sometimes alludes us for a variety of reasons.  We use the information gathered in the first three areas along with a few other techniques to  identify our individual  raison d’etre (i.e. reason to be).
  5. Relationships – We also take a look at how we relate to others in our lives.  This can include people in our life currently as well as folks who are no longer “active” in our lives yet have tremendous influence over us.  We examine the messages these relationships bring to us as it relates to our Life Path and our desires.
  6. Divorce Recovery – This life altering event can leave many of us confused and unsure of the next steps in our life.  We will work through a proven process together to gain the understanding needed to move forward and build the life we desire.

Once the internal assessment is complete, we can begin to broaden our perspective to include our areas of interaction with others and the natural world.

  1. Life Goals & General Coaching – This is the most familiar and discussed area of coaching.  Almost everyone has read at least one book about how important it is to set goals and measure progress towards them.  We will certainly identify areas we would like to see different in our lives but how we achieve those goals is a unique process you must experience for yourself to understand.
  2. Career Coaching – Here we discuss aspects of career management I have learned from over 20 years of employment with diverse companies and businesses where I served in a variety of management and support roles.
  3. Spiritual Growth & Development – One of the key aspects of personal improvement is understanding the connection we share with one another.  We will explore your own personal beliefs and identify ways to better integrate them within your life.
  4. Life Creation & Manifestation – We seldom realize how much of what we experience we have created for ourselves not only due to the decisions we make but also because of the thoughts we keep in our own consciousness.  We will learn how to clear our mind of the clutter that prevents us from seeing our true capabilities.

The increased level of technology in our daily lives can become overwhelming for many of us.  Gaining understanding of how to use this technology for us instead of letting “it drive us” helps reduce our stress levels and increase our effectiveness.

  1. Time Management – Here we will learn techniques to make better use of our time each day and provide a balance among our work, family and individual lives.
  2. Email, Calendar and Website Proficiency – Many of us are overwhelmed with information.  Once we learn to better organize the information that comes to us, we can easily stay in touch and be efficient without losing ourselves in the process.
  3. Mailing Lists and Group Communication – Often times we need to communicate information to multiple individuals in a quick and easy manner.  Learn how to get away from cumbersome email distribution lists and use some FREE tools to manage these interactions.
  4. Document Sharing – Oftentimes, documents are sent to others via email.  When collaboration is needed, email is very inefficient.  Learn now to use FREE tools to share documents with others and stop having to search through emails for the latest information.

When we are always feeling like we are “behind in our finances” it is difficult to find peace in our day to day lives.  Learning how to manage the money we have gives us greater freedom to make the most of our lives.

  1. Budgeting – Learn the importance of having a budget to understand where our money is being spent and how to insure we are spending it on what is truly important to us..
  2. Managing Cash Flow – We will determine ways to cut costs on goods and services without sacrificing our life experience.  We will learn how to put that money to the best use for our personal life desires.
  3. Debt Reduction – While debt may allow us to obtain expensive items without having to save for them, when we use it unwisely we burden ourselves unnecessarily.  Here we will learn how to reduce our overall debt and avoid the pitfalls of excessive debt in the future.
  4. Negotiation Skills – Most of us through our experiences in retail stores have conditioned to accept the price of an item form the seller.  However, in most financial transactions, there is room to negotiate for a lower price.  We will learn how to recognize these opportunities so we get the most for our money.

Just as individuals may have certain internal “blocks” that keep them from following their true life path, groups can develop blocks that keep them from performing at the optimum level.  Sometimes changing one member of group can create chaos and if not properly addressed result in poor performance and increase dissatisfaction of the members.

We will work to uncover the underlying issues that are holding the group back and provide the members with ways to maintain momentum of the team in a variety of circumstances.

Marriage celebrates the love and commitment between two individuals and their decision to share a spiritual partnership.  While the couple is focused on all the aspects of planning their big day, they can forget to consider many details about how their life together will work.  From how to handle the finances to dividing the household chores, many couples struggle in the beginning of their marriages because they never took the time to discuss these details.  If desired, we can discuss many of these issues to help make the transition after the honeymoon as smooth as the walk down the aisle!

As a certified Marriage Officiant, I customize each event to be aligned with the specific desires of the couple by considering their individual spiritual paths, experiences, religious preference or lack thereof.  Ceremonies can be performed for legal, state sanctioned marriages and also for couples who wish to profess their commitment without obtaining a Marriage License.