Meet Your Coach

Greetings & Welcome to my site!

Coach MikeMy name is Mike Duralia and my life’s purpose has always been to be a coach.

I can help you become aligned with your unique life purpose.  I do this by guiding you on your own journey of discovery and self improvement.  Together we will identify ways to expand your capabilities and skills through personal growth and development.

I have helped countless people understand material they thought was beyond their ability.  I have also coached individuals to find their “internal compass” enabling them to find the “direction” in their lives they have always desired.

If you are struggling with an issue, whatever it may be,  and you’re not sure who to ask for assistance, send me a message and we’ll find the solution together.  I’ve found that just having someone to talk to about a particular issue makes all the difference.

Consultations can occur easily from anywhere in the world!